We are B1 Rental

Our purpose is to transform rental companies through technology. With creativity, collaboration, efficiency and integrity.

ERP B1 Rental Software

We help our clients, partners and professionals to connect rental companies with technology to generate results.

To do so, we work collaboratively and believe in the creativity of people and the integrity of their activities.

For the last 5 years, B1 Rental has been working to offer rental companies, on a single international platform, support for their processes.

From asset location to field operations. From contracts to measurements, through billing, preventive and corrective maintenance, checklist, and much more.

All with integration and financial, tax and accounting compliance. So managers and their employees can take pride in running smarter companies, end to end.

We help our customers

Management software for car and mobility rental companies

Accelerate your car rental results with integrated management!


Management software for equipment rental companies

Boost productivity and profitability in your equipment rental!


Management software for electronic rental companies

Enhance the results of your Electronics rental company.


We Are Here To Help Your Rental Company Grow

Through Processes, Technology and Innovation