Rental Management Software

Complete management system for car, machinery and equipment rental companies

B1 Rental Software

Keep Your Rental Company With A High Level of Financial, Tax and Accounting Integrity.

B1 Rental is powered by SAP B1.

We offer on a single platform the possibility for your rental company to connect all rental processes (availability / contracts and commercial rules / billing automation / asset maintenance / field operations) with the highest level of financial, tax and accounting integrity

Rental Processes

Get full process support. From asset location to field operations. From contracts to easurements, by billing, maintenance, checklists and much more.


We help your company reduce losses and deviations and control productivity in the areas of leasing, sales, purchases, all in real time with the financial, tax and accounting chain. Our ERP is complete.


Business intelligence is what crowns every investment in technology. So take advantage of the facilities that our reports and Dashboards offer.

Full Support To Rental Processes

  • Availability control

  • Contract management and commercial rules

  • Billing automation

  • Asset maintenance

  • Field operations

  1. Control by status: Leased,
  2. Available, Maintenance,
  3. Reserved, for Sale and etc …
  4. Querying assets by status
  5. Querying assets between dates
  6. Querying assets by type
  7. Querying assets by feature / profile
  8. Control of the term of reservations
  9. Panel with status-defined colors
    Checklist – Input, Output and
  10. Substitution
  1. Generation of billing installments, according to the contract
  2. Charging for item and / or service
  3. Delivery note generation (Mobilization and Simple Shipping)
  4. Global collection and insertion of one or more deductibles per item
  5. Proportional calculation on entry and exit of the item
    Billable and non-billable months
  6. Collection of excess franchise on separate invoice
  7. Contract Extension and Renewal
  8. Unused franchise discount option
  9. Binding in the equipment, accessories and supplies contract
  10. Linking the contract to service calls
  1. Automation of parcels according to commercial rules
  2. Reading items by spreadsheet import (Billing)
  3. Item reading by importing emails
  4. Reading items via webservice integration
  5. Indication of consumption / use of equipment – billing by equipment and period
  6. Generation of billing lots (pre-invoices and / or invoices) based on the rules of contacts and notes
  7. Centralized billing or by units (branches) defined by contract / equipment
  1. Register of preventive maintenance program for the item / equipment
  2. Corrective maintenance from the generation of OS (called Maintenance)
  3. Checklist of items / services for each scheduled maintenance
  4. Maintenance Panel with color classification of upcoming or pending maintenance
  5. Mobilization and Demobilization of equipment in the process of maintenance
  6. Maintenance execution planning


  1. Consultation, inclusion and updating of the SAP B1 business partner master data
  2. Opportunity, Quotation and Sales Orders – Consultation, inclusion and change
  3. Activities – Consultation, inclusion and amendment


  1. Service Calls – Consultation, inclusion and modification
  2. Possibility of inserting attachments (photos included) with the so-called
  3. Activities – Consultation, inclusion and amendment

Purchasing and requisition of materials:

  1. Consultation, inclusion and updating of the SAP B1 business partner master data
  2. Purchase Orders and Orders – Consultation, insertion and alteration
  3. Activities – Consultation, insertion and alteration

Coverage for the Rental Market

The Management Software B1 Rental companies was specially designed to support all the processes of a rental company, thus ensuring greater adherence and reliability.

Management software for car and mobility rental companies

Accelerate your car rental results with integrated management!


Management software for equipment rental companies

Boost productivity and profitability in your equipment rental!


Management software for electronic rental companies

Enhance the results of your Electronics rental company.


ERP B1 Rental is fast and absolutely focused on the rental market.

We are focused and motivated to contribute to your Rental Company to make a real digital transformation. We are interested in always finding the best for our customers, we want to dialogue with their needs and present our solution proposal to take your Rental Company to the next level.

ERP B1 Rental

B1 Rental is developed on the SAP platform, The Largest Global Software Company, making B1 Rental the Most Reliable Rental Management System in the World.


Take control of your Rental Company anytime, anywhere. Manage your rental company from field operations, through the rear and reaching business intelligence.

100% Safe

Take advantage of the integrity of our platform and the high level of security of our cloud computing. Gain security in your information and your business.

Industry Leader

We work with a leading platform in the management software market and offer the most modern in terms of controls and calculation of results.

Take Your Rental Company to the Next Level

B1 Rental ERP is a proposal that revolutionizes rental management, optimizing processes and results.